Commuter Commerce

From train carriage to shopping cart: the multi-billion pound reality of rail commuter commerce

Retail behaviour has changed exponentially over the last decade, arguably nowhere more than for the time-pressed, hyper-connected, affluent rail commuter population. This group will shop where they can, when they can, in an attempt to make the most of their ever-diminishing free time. 

The train carriage has become a valuable new retail location where on-train media is able to influence a disproportionately economically important consumer group. Commuting time on the train is now a vital battleground for retailers and brands competing for consumers' attention.

Working with independent economics consultancy Retail Economics has provided KBH with an in-depth understanding of the value and importance of the on-train environment, and the customers exposed to that environment, to the world of retail. These findings provide quantifiable insight into the opportunities provided for retailers and, indeed, for any business providing a product or service which can be purchased online. 

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