KBH Connected

Overall, people are spending a full day (24 hours) per week online, more than twice as long as in 2011.
The majority of that time (62%) is via mobile devices. 

Commuting consumers are more connected than ever before, and increasingly maximising the value of their travel time to catch up with a range of on-device activities. For many, the commute is at the heart of time online.

42% of commuters agree that “the internet is essential for my commute to complete tasks in my personal life” while 35% agree with the same for work purposes. 64% of the average journey is now spent on a connected device, a 28% increase in two years, and 33% checked their device every couple of minutes.

KBH Connected advertising channels – on-board entertainment portals, train operating company websites and Wi-Fi – make the most of the connected commute for advertisers, creating deeper links between rail users and advertisers, driving brand discovery, research and purchase. 

(Sources: OFCOM Communications Market Report, Dipsticks)

KBH Entertainment

Associate brands with long dwelltime news and entertainment content, reaching audiences in a relaxed, receptive mindset.

KBH Online

Advertiser access to train operating company websites, reaching rail users open to discovery while planning their business or leisure journey.



The first online touchpoint for commuters as they connect at the start of their journey.